Sunday, March 10, 2013

last hurrah!!

With our last vacation without kids coming around the corner, it’s got me thinking about what trips would be like with kids. Extra bathroom breaks, car games and tasty snacks are what I’m expecting once we have little ones.  One of my friends was telling me that even small things become wonderful again once you have a baby. She said the first road trip was one of her favorite things about being a mom. The little one got to look at the world in wonder and amazement at all the new things they are seeing. Lot of picture taking must be in order for these things and I Hope we don’t forget the camera.


  1. i thought it would of been hard on the cruise with my daughter . but bein 4 she did rly good and already wants to go on another.extra bathroom breaks yes but its all worth it .and take tons of pictures cause ull never get the same moment twice. kids give u something to do and u'll actually look forward in showing them the world around them . soon after u have the baby u'll see things through a differnt eye and get excited about differnt stuff. like the zoo and the beach or museums .

  2. People always tell me my daughter is too young for differnt things we've taken her to, but the truth is no matter the age she has always been so excited on trips. She just soaks it all in and learns so much by getting the opertunity to see things. Pictures definatly are a must becuse you really will never have the same moment twice. No matter how many times you go to Disney she will be a different age each time and she will react in different ways and do different things. Be prepaird to not always make it to the extra bathroom breaks as well. Not all places are made for little ones little bladders. We have had several accidents over the few years including and following potty training. It works. You just learn to bring extra clothes and plastic baggies. Don't get upset, it's not their fault and you definatly don't want to insult or hurt their self esteme by putting an excited, proud, newly potty trained kid in a diaper or pull up. Honestly I have been peed on before. Busses (non charter) don't have bathrooms and you can't just get off anywhere at anytime to take a potty break, especially in traffic. It happens. but it is worth it.

  3. pack extra and dont get upset. i like it. i want our kids to see everything they can when they are young so they can dream as big as they want. take a kid to the zoo they want to be a vet. take a kid to an art show they want to paint. kids are going to be so much fun