Friday, January 31, 2014

The end of 31 days of freezer meals

I loved all month of our freezer meals. It was so easy and filling. We lost about five pounds each so that was a plus. The whole month of January while we were eating freezer meals all of our friends and family were fasting.  Some of them gave up sweets, others bread or meat. But the grand daddy of the fasting was the Daniel fast. On that fast you can only eat fruits and vegetables. That means no meat, no dairy, no sugar. I know fast aren't supposed to be diets but Leif was intrigued by the Daniel fast. So February first we will be starting the Daniel fast.  The reason being is that one of our friends did the fast and lost 20 lbs in 21 days. Wow. We now have a fridge full of fruits and vegetables and can't wait to eat it all.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Overeating little baby

So I don't know what age kids eat what kind of food because we don't have kids yet. But yesterday I had a grandma bring in a kid that was under six months old. Now they didn't order the kid a drink so I assumed that they they food for the kid as well. Then they ordered their meals. It was two adults and the little baby. They order 3 full meals and the kids was fried catfish. Why would a baby that can't feed himself eat a whole meal and a fried one as it was. That kid is going to get obese before his first birthday.  Not to mention they keep giving him their sweet tea. And we are in Georgia, its really sweet. Kids dont need all of that crap in their body. Dont teach your kids your bad habits.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Awesome day

So today was just going to be a lazy day and we had no plans. Then leif said we should go to the bank. He had some money saved up and he wanted to put it away. I went ahead and put my savings towards my car principle. Well as we were leaving the bank leif looked at his stub they gave him. He was very very happy. In fact so happy that he said we are ready for a baby. I repeat he thinks we are ready to have a baby. He has been making up reasons to keep postponing babies and now he is okay with it. When I freaked out about it he said that I should stop talking about it and that he didn't want to make a big deal about it. Its a big step for him. It just makes me so happy that he is ready for babies now

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Still rocking the freezer meals

Day 19 of the new year and we still love love love freezer meals. We are about half way done with our meals we (haha we) made. I had only one mess up where I cooked it and thought made I should have tried this before I froze it but no harm done. Leif is getting used to the portion sizes now. At first he was like I need way more food, now he just whines while he warms it up and then is content afterwards.  I'm still trying not to snack, its my weakness.  I'm drinking water every time I want a snack. If that doesn't work I sip a little glass of milk to trick my mind and tummy. It is working so far. I'm down 3 lbs since the first of the year. Yay portion control and freezer meals.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

We saved a life

About a week ago we found a lizard in our bathroom.  Naturally I freaked out and ran to get leif and something to scoop the little guy up. And I had to get buckeye out of the bathroom before he noticed him and ate him. So 30 seconds pass and I come back and he is no where to be found. Leif just said we would see him again and to just keep the container ready for him. Well two days ago we found the lizard again and he looked awful.  Very thin and just laying there like he gave up and was ready for death. We felt so bad for the little guy so leif scooped him up with little struggle and took him outside.  He just laid there so leif said he needed to eat or drink. Leif got him water and a leaf and I got him some dead bugs that were on the side of the house in hopes that he would eat and drink something and feel better and go home to his lizard family.  Then leif worried about him getting too cold. We got him an old towel and flipped the container over like a half-dome for protection from the wind and dew. We went to bed hoping that we did everything we could for him and woke up to check and see if he made it through the night. When we lifted his defences he was gone. He made it through the night and had enough strength to leave the dome. Leif felt so proud so I thought I would share the story with everyone.  After we sat in the car feeling proud of ourselves I asked leif if we are ready for babies because we can bring a lizard back to life so we should be able to take care of a baby now right.  Wrong. Babies are scary and  lizards aren't,  was his response.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Curse you food

With all my freezer meals I could not predict what we would eat. Its been 13 days of freezer meals and we both love them. The problem is that we have drank two night and fell off the wagon. The first night we ate like five hot dogs a piece and then last night I ate a whole bowl of mac and cheese. So all the good the portions are doing we keep messing it up. Not to mention I ate pizza at my moms. Food why are you so good.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Freezer meals for beginners

I love freezer meals, now, but let me tell you when they say one day of cooking for a whole month of food they lied. It took me five days for my first attempt. Mostly because I had to work and my dish washer couldn't keep up with all the dishes I was using.  Come on 2 hours to wash a load. And all my measuring cups just happen to have gone into one load. But other then the dishwasher you have to wait for your chicken to cool to shred and hope you extremely large dog doesn't steal half of it while you are getting something from the freezer in the garage.all kinds of obstacles come up. I'm not that skilled in the kitchen to begin with so locking me in the kitchen for five days almost killed me. So lets start simple, the way I began. I heard about freezer meals and thought it would be really awesome to just pull something out two days before I wanted it and just pop it in the oven or microwave.  My first victim, I mean attempt was mac and cheese. My husband loves meat in everything and I love cheese everywhere so it was going to be grand mac and cheese so I wanted to enjoy it mote than one time. Sweet freezer meal. So I made the mac and cheese added ham and bacon to keep leif happy and added five different cheeses to keep me happy. Instead of making it in one big dish I spilt it up into three medium size glass freezer dishes. I popped oven in the oven to get cheesy and threw two in the freezer. Not so bad for three meals (well four, the first pan was really big) and you can just make dinner a couple times a week, freeze part of it and pull out something for the long days you know you will have no time to give your family the meal that they need. Not as nice as one day to cook and a month to eat but it does seems way more practical for people to do. Come on does anyone really have one day where they have nothing to do.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Last chubby pic

We hate taking pictures and the holidays are the only time people get to take them of us. Well in a picture you can tell you've gained weight, in the mirror you see yourself everyday so nothing changes. This is the only holiday picture that we don't look super big in but you can still tell that we are fat and happy. Today was a cardio. After 2 miles on the elliptical and 200 jump ropes I'm jello. Still might get some exercise bike in but not sure if my legs work anymore.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Feeling good

I love all of mu freezer meals. Today we had a breakfast burrito and meatloaf and asparagus.  Not sure what is for dinner yet but glad I don't have to chop anything or boil noodles. Its so nice. I think its keeping us on track. Its day 8 and I having said we have no food lets grab something on the way to work. I keep pulling food out in rotation to what we have already ate. We haven't had a repeat yet for dinner. Love love love freezer meals.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day five

Today I finally finished the freezer meals. I finished up with some beef lo mein and sausage tortellini mushroom soup. Yesterday I made 100 calorie buffalo chicken eggrolls and chicken spinach ricotta eggrolls. Man it was a lot of work (mostly because I'm lazy and had to work most of the week) but all worth it when I pull something out and leif gets excited about trying new recipes.  So far his favorite meal is chipotle chicken and rice soup. Mine is the tomato tortellini but that's because I love pasta and in a small serving its not too bad for you.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cooking cooking and more cooking

You know those websites and blogs that tell you one day of cooking for a months worth of meals, well for me that one day is turning into three. I'm on day two and all I did was cook chicken and made breakfast burritos because I'm burnt out from cooking yesterday.  We (I say we very loosely) cooked from 2 to 11 and only got half the stuff done on my list. So far we have:2 whole meatloafs, 24 mini omelettes, 35 burritos, 4 tortellini soups, 3 white chilis, 3 chipotle chicken and rice soup, 3 chicken tortilla bakes, 2 goolishes, 2 clear soups and 18 breakfast burritos. My kitchen is still a mess even though Ive done 3 loads in the dish washer and taken the trash out for times. I just keep telling myself that it will all be worth it when I grab something out of the freezer at night and the next day just pop it in the oven. I realise now that I hate to cook and that is probably why we are fat. But this is good training for when we have kids. Maybe by then I will have it down to one day.
mini omelettes- we added turkey sausage and went lighter on the spinach
tortellini soup

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy new year

We rang in the new year right. At home just the two of us and our little silly head. Hope everyone was safe and started the new year off great. Any resolutions out there. We are getting in shape. And five minutes before midnight I was eating a sandwich so I set it down for the midnight kiss and shot that we did. I kissed my husband then i kissed buckeye then I kissed Leif again and went back for my sandwich and it was gone. I guess buckeye wants to keep us on track this year and eating a sandwich at midnight is not going to get me in shape. I wasn't even mad that he stole food, he knew I didn't need it anyways. Lets hope we can stay on track for at least two months. My sister's wedding is coming in march and we want that to be our goal day. 30 lbs lighter here we come.