Thursday, January 16, 2014

We saved a life

About a week ago we found a lizard in our bathroom.  Naturally I freaked out and ran to get leif and something to scoop the little guy up. And I had to get buckeye out of the bathroom before he noticed him and ate him. So 30 seconds pass and I come back and he is no where to be found. Leif just said we would see him again and to just keep the container ready for him. Well two days ago we found the lizard again and he looked awful.  Very thin and just laying there like he gave up and was ready for death. We felt so bad for the little guy so leif scooped him up with little struggle and took him outside.  He just laid there so leif said he needed to eat or drink. Leif got him water and a leaf and I got him some dead bugs that were on the side of the house in hopes that he would eat and drink something and feel better and go home to his lizard family.  Then leif worried about him getting too cold. We got him an old towel and flipped the container over like a half-dome for protection from the wind and dew. We went to bed hoping that we did everything we could for him and woke up to check and see if he made it through the night. When we lifted his defences he was gone. He made it through the night and had enough strength to leave the dome. Leif felt so proud so I thought I would share the story with everyone.  After we sat in the car feeling proud of ourselves I asked leif if we are ready for babies because we can bring a lizard back to life so we should be able to take care of a baby now right.  Wrong. Babies are scary and  lizards aren't,  was his response.

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