Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hurricane and a baby

Realizing that we didn't have anything for Scarlett in our emergency kit I whipped one up. I grabbed an old diaper box and got to work. It has bottles, formula, water, diapers, wipes, food, clothes, and a spit rag. It took less than five minutes and I feel so much better about the storm coming.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Pooped out pooper

Im not sure if Scarlett plays too hard or if we get all of her energy out at one time. She loves to play on her own and play on our laps. Then she passes out. Right now she is taking her second hour long tap today. We are very hands on parents and  I think she loves that. But then she has to take power naps so she can continue on playing.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Smart kid

This little girl is learning so much. She looks at everything in such a curious way. Scarlett loves to try new things and see bright colors. For her half birthday we are going to let her soak in a lot more. We are going to the zoo.  Hopefully she likes to look at the cool flowers and the aniamls big enough for her to see. So is growing up so fast. She burped herself this morning after I couldn't get one out of her. I set her on her back in her play area and in ten seconds she had flipped over and burped twice. It is crazy how aware she is. Like she wants to do more but is held back by the tiny little body that hasn't learned everything yet. Slow down little girl it takes time