Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween everyone.  Its my favorite holiday and I have to work on it. Not cool. Last year we had so much fun handing candy in our new house. This year we don't get to decorate or anything.  But I'm not going to let this get me down tonight. I did my hair in braids and put spiders in it and I have spider earrings in. We might even have a little spooky get together after work. Lets hope the spiders get me good tips tonight. And remember to be safe and keep your little ones safe.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


me and baby Jackson. 7.2 oz and 17 1/2 long. so sweet, so cute, and such big feet.

Monday, October 28, 2013


So I had another comment from a couple I wait on, thinking they know all about me and my husband just because they sit in my section. Do people not realize that servers are supposed to be nice to you and they don't act the way they normally would around people.  Well this couple said that they don't see kids in mine and leifs future and I should just deal with it. Ummm where do you get off. We want kids so bad but we just want to be prepared for it. I don't think that translates into you guys aren't going to have kids. What part of preparing for children do they not understand.  We are happily married,both have jobs, both have cars, and we pay all of our bills with savings in the bank. Does that sound like we are not going to have children. No it sounds like we are being responsible and getting all of our ducks in a row before we bring another life into this world. I guess planning for a baby seems weird to people but we want to be ready and for someone to tell me that we are not going to have any kids just because we want to make sure a kid won't bankrup us is wrong.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jackson is coming

Baby jackson is on his way. My sister is in labor and he could be here anytime now. Everyone wish for a safe delivery and healthy mom and baby. Pictures to come later from the happy family

Friday, October 25, 2013

New nephew soon

Baby jackson should be here on Tuesday.  We can't wait. Tonight is going to be movie night with my sister on bed rest. Its going to be musicals. Not sure which ones yet but we will be singing all night and if any of you know how I sing we should pick up some ear plugs for everyone.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


We have been looking for the right pillows for us for about a year now and we found them yesterday.  We are both extra firm. We tried fluffy, down, memory foam and none of them let us sleep the way we wanted. This new extra firm is perfect we both slept like babies and it even stood up to buckeye on my head all night. I think his fat butt is why all the wimpy pillows gave out too fast.

Friday, October 18, 2013


So not to long ago my mom told me that kindergarten does not teach spelling anymore.  They teach them to sound out every word and write down the letters they hear. And do you know what they don't correct them. If a kid writes love they luv. And that's okay in the state of Georgia.  Even if a kid knows how to spell it right they don't teach it right. If they say that there should be an e at the end they are tell them they are right but then they get confused.  How is that making the world a better place. so I have been upset about that for a while but then I think that the parents should help teach them how to spell right and I forget about it. But then today I found out that in middle school teachers are not allowed to check homework anymore. The kids don't know that but how is that helping them. They can give them a participation grade and that's it. And here is the kicker some parents get upset that their kids are failing because they are not turning in homework.  Now correct me if I'm wrong but if all you have to do is turn something in, even if its wrong, to get a grade how can you blame the teacher when your lazy butt didn't check to see if they had homework.  I don't know about schools now a days. I think my education failed me. Imagine if I would be in school now. I already suck at spelling, I couldn't image being any worse at it. But I guess I could be.  It really is sad that the future of America is depending on spell check and finding the answers online.

Lazy day

Today I haven't gotten out of my pjs yet. It feels good. I guess we are still enjoying all the stuff you get to with no kids. Like lunch dates and sleeping in. We both know we are ready and now all we have to wait for is leif to get this job he wants or another one if its necessary.  Lets hope he gets the one he wants. Either way our days without kids are numbered

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dirty old men

So I wait tables and so does my husband.  We pay our bills, we save money, we bought a house and we lobe each other. Now what gives some old man the right to not like my husband just because I'm married to him. The old guy is 87 and I wait on him maybe 3 times a month. I tell him how happy we are. Our plans for the future. But the last couple times he has come in he always says that I have a good head on my Shoulders and that when he leaves me alone with a baby I will be fine. What. Where did that come from. Leif thinks the dirty old man wants me for himself or that he is a feminist.  I think that he just hates men or watches to many lifetime movies. Either way I'm not as nice to him anymore maybe he will find a new waitress to hate on their husband because I'm done with it

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

lies lies lies

they say you can find anything on the internet. well that's a lie my friends. I went to look up a simple punch recipe and it is no where to be found. it was the top secret pirate punch recipe from the oldest saloon in st Augustine, but no where on this whole wide web is there a copy of the punch. its over 200 years old and no one has posted it online yet. how messed up is that. now I have to make leif drink tons of "what is it missing drinks" before I figure it out. thanks a lot internet now my husbands liver has to work over time because of you

Monday, October 14, 2013


So we all know leif wants a better job before we have a baby, and he was on the right track too. This darn shutdown has the job he wants on a hiring freeze so we have to wait even longer for babies now. Ahhhh.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Ladies night

Once a week while leif works I hang out with my mom and sisters. Well this week its ladies night to the extreme.  We are going on a casino boat for fun and gambling.  I'm going with a 30 dollar limit and that includes the money to get in. It should be fun. We are going with some odd and new friends.  Wish us luck.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


we keep trying to go on a diet and it lasts about 3 days. we keep trying to eat better and its for one meal out of 3. I keep wanting to exercise but I never want to put in the work. we need a goal and I can t get one good enough for us to try.  we lost weight when we had a bet and the loser had to pay for universal studios tickets. that worked great. we lost weight when we were going on a cruise that work wonders. but now when I say lets lose weight so I'm not a fat pregnant woman we cant get motivated. we have my sisters wedding coming up we could lose weight for that but its not a big deal so we don't feel the need to work out. man we are so lazy. I really don't know how we function day to day and don't just lay down on the floor somewhere and say I'm done for the day Ill take a nap now. we will find a good motivation someday, maybe we need to find an active couple to play games with. someone just invited us to play volleyball with her and her husband but we already had plans. maybe all of our day dates should be something like that, to keep us moving. I know, I've got it. we will just pay someone to follow us around yelling hey fatty all the time and I'm sure we will drop some weight in no time.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Freezer bag meals

Since we are not losing any weight because of our lazy eating habits, I found a butter solution then eating fast food. Freezer meals. I tried looking on pinterest but all the freezer meals were complicated and had stuff that we don't like in them, so I made up two of my own freezer meals.

Easy chicken pot pie
Boiled chicken-shredded
Cream of chicken and mushroom soup
Cheddar cheese

Mix them all together and freeze. When you are ready to cook them thaw and place in baking dish. Add the bisquick on top and bake.

So easy and great for lazy cooks.

Easy chicken tacos or enchiladas

Boiled chicken-shredded

Mix together and freeze. When ready grab  tortillas and sauce (taco or enchilada) thaw bag. saute to warm up for tacos or wrap in tortillas with cheese and sauce for enchiladas.  Add your own extras, like avocados to the tacos or peppers to the enchiladas.

Both super fast and easy. Happy eating

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Baby shower

My sister is having her baby shower today for baby jackson. So exciting.  We made a diaper cake for her. Pictures to come later. In less than a month we will have our first boy in the family. Well my side anyways. Leifs side has all boys and my side has all girls. Everyone have a good day. Sorry it was short and sweet today.

Pictures from baby jacksons shower. With my sisters

Thursday, October 3, 2013


you know those days when you watch the news, watch a movie or witness something in everyday life and think about how lucky you are. well today was one of those days.  most days people don't look around at their life and realize how fortunate they are. whenever I remember to I like to take a second and say a little thank you for everything in my life, from my husband, dog and family to our house, cars and jobs. we aren't really religious. its nothing against it, we mostly don't believe in churches. we have never had any luck with finding one that didn't preach to a bunch of hypocrites. regardless we both believe in a higher power and karma, so every time you think about you are say a little thank you to anyone up there and hope that you can keep all the love in your life. now since I don't normally say things like this and I feel a little weird writing this I will add a penny for your thoughts to make you laugh.
god must love stupid people; he made so many. (story of my work place most days)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

calm day

we are enjoying a nice day off so far. we paid all of our bills and ate lunch, and now I'm making a carrot cake to take to my parents house for dinner with them tonight. they are making stuffed burgers with fat fries for us so we are taking care of dessert. after dinner we normally play games so wish us luck with that because we usually play couples verse couples.  all in all a nice calm day. I gave leif  a hair cut and now he is playing his way too offensive game while I work on my book. im very happy with how its coming along so far. still a lot of writing and filling in gaps to go but I will be happy once I get the whole story down then I can go back and add in what I forgot or add details where I need to. I just really want to get a rough draft done then I can go back a fix everything. my cakes are beeping at me so im off.