Friday, October 18, 2013


So not to long ago my mom told me that kindergarten does not teach spelling anymore.  They teach them to sound out every word and write down the letters they hear. And do you know what they don't correct them. If a kid writes love they luv. And that's okay in the state of Georgia.  Even if a kid knows how to spell it right they don't teach it right. If they say that there should be an e at the end they are tell them they are right but then they get confused.  How is that making the world a better place. so I have been upset about that for a while but then I think that the parents should help teach them how to spell right and I forget about it. But then today I found out that in middle school teachers are not allowed to check homework anymore. The kids don't know that but how is that helping them. They can give them a participation grade and that's it. And here is the kicker some parents get upset that their kids are failing because they are not turning in homework.  Now correct me if I'm wrong but if all you have to do is turn something in, even if its wrong, to get a grade how can you blame the teacher when your lazy butt didn't check to see if they had homework.  I don't know about schools now a days. I think my education failed me. Imagine if I would be in school now. I already suck at spelling, I couldn't image being any worse at it. But I guess I could be.  It really is sad that the future of America is depending on spell check and finding the answers online.

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