Thursday, October 10, 2013


we keep trying to go on a diet and it lasts about 3 days. we keep trying to eat better and its for one meal out of 3. I keep wanting to exercise but I never want to put in the work. we need a goal and I can t get one good enough for us to try.  we lost weight when we had a bet and the loser had to pay for universal studios tickets. that worked great. we lost weight when we were going on a cruise that work wonders. but now when I say lets lose weight so I'm not a fat pregnant woman we cant get motivated. we have my sisters wedding coming up we could lose weight for that but its not a big deal so we don't feel the need to work out. man we are so lazy. I really don't know how we function day to day and don't just lay down on the floor somewhere and say I'm done for the day Ill take a nap now. we will find a good motivation someday, maybe we need to find an active couple to play games with. someone just invited us to play volleyball with her and her husband but we already had plans. maybe all of our day dates should be something like that, to keep us moving. I know, I've got it. we will just pay someone to follow us around yelling hey fatty all the time and I'm sure we will drop some weight in no time.

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