Monday, October 7, 2013

Freezer bag meals

Since we are not losing any weight because of our lazy eating habits, I found a butter solution then eating fast food. Freezer meals. I tried looking on pinterest but all the freezer meals were complicated and had stuff that we don't like in them, so I made up two of my own freezer meals.

Easy chicken pot pie
Boiled chicken-shredded
Cream of chicken and mushroom soup
Cheddar cheese

Mix them all together and freeze. When you are ready to cook them thaw and place in baking dish. Add the bisquick on top and bake.

So easy and great for lazy cooks.

Easy chicken tacos or enchiladas

Boiled chicken-shredded

Mix together and freeze. When ready grab  tortillas and sauce (taco or enchilada) thaw bag. saute to warm up for tacos or wrap in tortillas with cheese and sauce for enchiladas.  Add your own extras, like avocados to the tacos or peppers to the enchiladas.

Both super fast and easy. Happy eating

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