Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dirty old men

So I wait tables and so does my husband.  We pay our bills, we save money, we bought a house and we lobe each other. Now what gives some old man the right to not like my husband just because I'm married to him. The old guy is 87 and I wait on him maybe 3 times a month. I tell him how happy we are. Our plans for the future. But the last couple times he has come in he always says that I have a good head on my Shoulders and that when he leaves me alone with a baby I will be fine. What. Where did that come from. Leif thinks the dirty old man wants me for himself or that he is a feminist.  I think that he just hates men or watches to many lifetime movies. Either way I'm not as nice to him anymore maybe he will find a new waitress to hate on their husband because I'm done with it

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