Monday, October 28, 2013


So I had another comment from a couple I wait on, thinking they know all about me and my husband just because they sit in my section. Do people not realize that servers are supposed to be nice to you and they don't act the way they normally would around people.  Well this couple said that they don't see kids in mine and leifs future and I should just deal with it. Ummm where do you get off. We want kids so bad but we just want to be prepared for it. I don't think that translates into you guys aren't going to have kids. What part of preparing for children do they not understand.  We are happily married,both have jobs, both have cars, and we pay all of our bills with savings in the bank. Does that sound like we are not going to have children. No it sounds like we are being responsible and getting all of our ducks in a row before we bring another life into this world. I guess planning for a baby seems weird to people but we want to be ready and for someone to tell me that we are not going to have any kids just because we want to make sure a kid won't bankrup us is wrong.


  1. Wow. Who said that? That is so rude.....

  2. some jerky couple that always comes in. I call them my angry couple. all these people think they know who we are. I believe they call that judging.