Wednesday, October 2, 2013

calm day

we are enjoying a nice day off so far. we paid all of our bills and ate lunch, and now I'm making a carrot cake to take to my parents house for dinner with them tonight. they are making stuffed burgers with fat fries for us so we are taking care of dessert. after dinner we normally play games so wish us luck with that because we usually play couples verse couples.  all in all a nice calm day. I gave leif  a hair cut and now he is playing his way too offensive game while I work on my book. im very happy with how its coming along so far. still a lot of writing and filling in gaps to go but I will be happy once I get the whole story down then I can go back and add in what I forgot or add details where I need to. I just really want to get a rough draft done then I can go back a fix everything. my cakes are beeping at me so im off.

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