Tuesday, April 30, 2013

little ones feet

every time I go to the shoe store I look at how many times will I wear these or how durable are they so I don't need to buy new ones for a while. but when you have kids you have to look at how much are they and will they last only long enough for them to grow out of them. shoes could get really expensive fast. they need dress shoes, black shoes, brown shoes, play shoes, sandals and that's just shoes off the top of my head. that's why stores like goodwill come in handy but even then you cant always find what they might need or it could be at the wrong time, like right after they grow out of the size. is it weird that kids shoes are one of my biggest worries about how expensive having a child is. its not like a toy you just cant tell them to wait a couple of weeks and walk around with bags on their feet. it would almost be smart to just invent some shoes that expand when you need them to or have a store that trades old shoes in for a discount on a new pair and sell the old shoes for cheap or give the old shoes to kids that need them. I'm sure giving away shoes to kids that need them is a big tax write off for them. when the time comes I think I will just pull my hair out.

shoes that help others out are the skechers bobs. skechers bobs donate a pair of shoes to kids that need them. its good that they don't donate some random amount of money for face less kids, skechers bobs really give a kid a pair of shoes and I think that is just awesome.

the puppy and the princess

last night our friend cassi brought her daughter hannah to me our dog buckeye. and from buckeyes pictures you can tell that he is no small animal. on two legs standing he is about 5'3" and we weighs 105 lbs. hannah on the other hand it about 3foot tall, like 30 lbs and apparently has a very tasty looking face. since we dont have kids buckeye has only been around three kids other then hannah and has done pretty good once he meets them. he sniffs their legs then licks their face once and he is good. but not hannah. he liked the way she giggled every time he licked her so he kept trying to get to her face and she would laugh and he would run around the house like a shark planning his next move to lick her again. i know he cant wait for her to come back, i think he is in love with her face.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

still on track

having a husband that loves our life exactly how it is has been difficult convincing him that we need a baby. he doesnt want anything to change and he doesnt want our marriage to be put on the back burner. so after about six months of budget talk and telling him over and over again that kids wont hurt our marriage as long as we put it on the priority list he has finally gotten on board with starting in August.  he is still terrified but so am i and he wants us to save all the money we can ( which we have already started saving).  im so glad he finally wants a baby or is at least aware that we need to do it soon so we dont start having kids too late in life. needless to say that we couldnt have a baby if certain parts of him werent all for it. so until august we will be saving money and hopefully be ready to start.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

little helpers

i made pizza for lunch today. steak and cheese pizza. YUMMY!! as i wait for it to cook i figured i would ask at what age to you let the little ones help out with food or house work. i know they are eager to learn, but at what age does it stop being counter productive and start being a learning experience.

Friday, April 26, 2013

hot weather

with the sunny shinning down on us today i'm starting to think about summer and safe activities to keep kids busy all summer. its not like it use to be where all the kids play together from all over the neighborhood. now a days you have to watch your kids like a hawk to make sure no one trys to kidnap them. i'm not sure if it just wasnt that big of deal back in the day or if our parents left us outside in hopes that a stranger would take us away to give them some time off until they find us. but whatever the case when we have kids i want to make sure they have plenty of kid time and outside time as long as its safe.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Garden out of control

We started our small graden in hopes of eating better and being healthy if and when we get pregnant.  its going really well and we love our garden.  Then we went to lowes today and our graden that is already the size of a car has now doubled in size.  That least we will be eating healthy all summer and have plenty in the freezer
had to do the panorama view to take the picture on my phone


i was on facebook the other night and read that one of our friends one year old little boy is being bullied by two kids on the playground. now bullying at that age isnt that extreme but no the less she was faced with a choice. should she go help her kid out or let him learn how to handle it himself. momma bear wants to help but it could hurt him in the long run.she cant just go in that stand up for him because he needs to learn what to do. in the end she is going to tell the day care to look out for it but if  the day care doesnt handle it  the kids would keep pushing her kid down.  now bullying with little kids isnt the problem its the older kids you have to worry about but if no one corrects it at this age imagine what it would be like in middle school.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

cruise pic

formal night on the cruise. this was my seven dollar dress day. i wore two dresses that day and night and they both cost seven dollars each. man i love Ross and Forever 21.  i've even gotten an awesome gift for my niece at ross and it was around ten bucks. i hope i can find great deals when we have kids. someone commented that children dont have to cost that much money it's all in how you do things. i figure we will be good and cutting back and saving, just waiting to see when its going to happen.

Monday, April 22, 2013

trying new food

before we left on our cruise i told my grandma that i would try lobster for her and we did that and then some. on the ship we tasted lobster, salmon, silverfish,brussel sprouts,oysters (well half an oyster) and a couple more random veggies. we liked all the veggies and we swallowed the brussel sprout but all the seafood was not for us. we came, we ate and we didnt like. with it taking 25 years for me to get over my gross food phobia so i could try new things it has me thinking about our kids and what they will eat. will they get my ability to sit at the dinner table for hours until i get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or will they get my new try every food once before i dont like it. with children how do you keep their minds open on food when you have your own food dislikes.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

We are back

Just got back into town an hour ago. The cruise was amazing.  Turned my phone on this morning to see baby Nolan made it into the world on Wednesday.  Both mommy and baby are doing very well. And speaking of babies. My lovely husband is all nerves because we planned to sit down and talk children when we got back. Looks like its time to make a choice.  Do we wait or do we start now and by now I mean soon. Pictures of our trip and hopefully baby Nolan are soon to come

Saturday, April 13, 2013

baby ready???

my good friend Cassi posted something on facebook for us that tells you what you need to be ready to handle babies. it was extremely funny. at one point it said can you handle kids messes and the instructions where as follows: take peanut better and jelly and smear it on your couch and curtains, take cookies in your car and smash them in really good in your back seat and throw Cheerios everywhere. by that point my husband had stopped being amused by this list because he likes his car but never the less it was very eye opening and make our last trip all the more important so we have adventure out of our systems for at least a little while. when we come back we are starting a baby fund and getting use to the idea that it wont just be us and our silly head ( buckeye the dog). its going to change everything but we can handle it I'm sure.  and for the messes and food everywhere bring it, i hate our couch anyway.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

my birthday

it is now ten minutes until my 25th birthday. and two day until my husbands 27 birthday. kids are just around the corner and the timing is starting to get real. hopefully this time next year ill be pregnant. at least those are the plans but you know what they say. when you make plans god laughs. but who knows, right.  we will be leaving on our last adventure without kids soon so when we do get pregnant we have no regrets. we have done a lot so far in life. we bought our house this year and we are amazing with a budget so we are ready for kids its just a matter of time or timing.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

going back to school

with baby time on the horizon we need to pick a good time to go back to school. the question is should we put off babies until we are done with school which would be 4 years and would make me 29 for our first kid if we are lucky or do we have kids and then do online school and work and raise a family.  with having a kid we would get more back on our taxes and get more grant money but it would cost more to provide for a child and pay for school. but if we go to school first we would have to work more to pay for school because we wouldn't have the extra tax money or grants but it would be easier to go without a lot of things only having to take care of two low maintenance adults. kids take so much money to care for but not having one would make school so much more expensive. and i don't think i want to have our first kid at 29.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

cassi's garden

our friend Cassi and her little one, Hannah, just started their first garden. its great for the kids to help so they can feel proud when it grows

Saturday, April 6, 2013

pool time

with the weather getting warmer and the beaches everywhere filling up its now time to talk about pool safety. i know my niece loves the pool and she would swim every day if we let her. she is five and she has been around pools for a good while now, but at what age do you teach them pool safety. the pool may be something you play in but it is not a play thing. kids need to know how to act around the pool and what to do in case of an emergency. like a friend under water too long or something sinking to the bottom. how do you tell them to be careful and make sure they understand and not scare them to death in the process.

Popping out soon

We have two ladies we know that are almost bursting at the seams.  One ( baby Nolan) has about one week left, and baby Gavin is due in one month. With all these bundles of joy joining the world it gets me curious about dealing with a new born. Lucky for me I will have two families brains to pick on this manner. Some people suggest that you take a warm bath while you are pregnant right before bed so you get the little one awake and moving so when you go to bed the baby sleeps when you sleep. I guess this would have the new born on your sleep cycle.  I'm sure that everything falls into place ones the little ones come into the world but it doesn't hurt to know people that have already done it and can help in so many ways

Thursday, April 4, 2013

money saving garden

gardens. sure you might spend a little to get them started but just think of all the money you will save once you start growing things. we love love love the long green beans. we buy them frozen so we have them whenever we want them. now that we have some planted we can freeze them and it only cost us like 2 bucks for the seeds. the start of a garden cost a little. the soil cost and its hard work but once you finish it and your first sprouts come out the joy and pride you feel are totally worth it. and lets all just agree that saving any money with kids is a win and when the kids are old enough they can help with the garden. it would keep them outside and away from the computer and TV. so in short plant a garden, save money, and get your kids involved.

spring break safety

does anyone else think that its awful that this spring break we have gotten 3 amber alerts.  since when is spring break a time for child abductions. i think the kids need to have better places to play with safer building or fences. the play grounds with one entrance where the moms or dads can sit and watch their kids play and not have to worry about someone coming from another entrance seem like a smart idea. or places with cameras so your teenagers can be safe without i parent being all up in their face. i just think that today its so hard to be a parent and having to worry about people everywhere wanting to take your kids.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

outside time

as it warms up outside we have been doing more out in the sunlight.  we have our great garden that we have been working so hard on and the lawn that needs constant deweeding but it has me thinking about kids playing outside and their safety. when i was young my sisters and i would play with the neighborhood kids. we would take walks, ride bike and go all over, but with the world today I'm not sure if our kids are going to be able to have as much freedom as we did.  now a days you have to worry about kidnapping,people caring guns, creeps with vans, old men with candy. where does it end. the schools aren't even safe half the time.  there was a close call not to long ago in town with a man at a school trying to get inside. luckily an off duty cop was picking up his kid and noticed the man from the station. he called it in and it turns out the guy had cupcakes and blankets in the car and was just released from jail for something along those same lines. freaky crap like that is just to close for comfort. why cant our kids have the same childhood we did with kickball, red rover, freeze tag and all the games you play with large groups of kids. i wouldn't want our kids leaving the front yard or being out of sight. but at what age then do you trust that your kid knows what to do if something bad were to happen. you cant baby them forever but how soon is too soon to trust them and the world we live in.

Monday, April 1, 2013

april 1st

oh april fools day how i hate you. all day today im going to have to look out for fake announcements, bad shoe lace jokes and a full day of "you dropped something".  everyone be on the look out for all of these and we will make it through the day. let me know if anyone plays some really good ones on their kids or people they know.