Thursday, April 4, 2013

money saving garden

gardens. sure you might spend a little to get them started but just think of all the money you will save once you start growing things. we love love love the long green beans. we buy them frozen so we have them whenever we want them. now that we have some planted we can freeze them and it only cost us like 2 bucks for the seeds. the start of a garden cost a little. the soil cost and its hard work but once you finish it and your first sprouts come out the joy and pride you feel are totally worth it. and lets all just agree that saving any money with kids is a win and when the kids are old enough they can help with the garden. it would keep them outside and away from the computer and TV. so in short plant a garden, save money, and get your kids involved.


  1. We're definitely starting a garden this year! I can't wait to start growing our own food. :)

  2. it will feel so good when the sprouts pop up for the first time