Sunday, April 28, 2013

still on track

having a husband that loves our life exactly how it is has been difficult convincing him that we need a baby. he doesnt want anything to change and he doesnt want our marriage to be put on the back burner. so after about six months of budget talk and telling him over and over again that kids wont hurt our marriage as long as we put it on the priority list he has finally gotten on board with starting in August.  he is still terrified but so am i and he wants us to save all the money we can ( which we have already started saving).  im so glad he finally wants a baby or is at least aware that we need to do it soon so we dont start having kids too late in life. needless to say that we couldnt have a baby if certain parts of him werent all for it. so until august we will be saving money and hopefully be ready to start.