Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the puppy and the princess

last night our friend cassi brought her daughter hannah to me our dog buckeye. and from buckeyes pictures you can tell that he is no small animal. on two legs standing he is about 5'3" and we weighs 105 lbs. hannah on the other hand it about 3foot tall, like 30 lbs and apparently has a very tasty looking face. since we dont have kids buckeye has only been around three kids other then hannah and has done pretty good once he meets them. he sniffs their legs then licks their face once and he is good. but not hannah. he liked the way she giggled every time he licked her so he kept trying to get to her face and she would laugh and he would run around the house like a shark planning his next move to lick her again. i know he cant wait for her to come back, i think he is in love with her face.

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