Tuesday, April 30, 2013

little ones feet

every time I go to the shoe store I look at how many times will I wear these or how durable are they so I don't need to buy new ones for a while. but when you have kids you have to look at how much are they and will they last only long enough for them to grow out of them. shoes could get really expensive fast. they need dress shoes, black shoes, brown shoes, play shoes, sandals and that's just shoes off the top of my head. that's why stores like goodwill come in handy but even then you cant always find what they might need or it could be at the wrong time, like right after they grow out of the size. is it weird that kids shoes are one of my biggest worries about how expensive having a child is. its not like a toy you just cant tell them to wait a couple of weeks and walk around with bags on their feet. it would almost be smart to just invent some shoes that expand when you need them to or have a store that trades old shoes in for a discount on a new pair and sell the old shoes for cheap or give the old shoes to kids that need them. I'm sure giving away shoes to kids that need them is a big tax write off for them. when the time comes I think I will just pull my hair out.

shoes that help others out are the skechers bobs. skechers bobs donate a pair of shoes to kids that need them. its good that they don't donate some random amount of money for face less kids, skechers bobs really give a kid a pair of shoes and I think that is just awesome.

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  1. I get ALL of their shoes from Facebook resale sites, Goodwill and clearance. If I buy Brayden new shoes I buy them a half size bigger than his feet so he wears them longer.