Sunday, April 7, 2013

cassi's garden

our friend Cassi and her little one, Hannah, just started their first garden. its great for the kids to help so they can feel proud when it grows


  1. I knew nothing about gardening. I remember my grandma being the "garden expert" and wow, the buckets and buckets of produce us kids used to scoop up for her. I remember just being able to eat berries right out of the bushes. I wanted my kids to feel the excitement I felt as a kid so I got my gramma to email me some pointers. We started out small, like this, with herbs, a cabbage, and tomatoes. Now we have blackberries, green beans, strawberries, corn, 4 different types of tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelons (those are pains in the butt), peppers, and cucumber. Everyones garden starts out small. Everyone has to learn how to take care of their growing babies. Your friend will LOVE eating her own produce and her little Hannah will grow up with a green thumb and a desire to share that joy with her own children. Keep it up guys, you will do great!

  2. lovely! :) i'm so excited about getting our garden going with my 2 1/2 year old son!! it has been great so far watching the seeds sprout into tiny plants & grow! can't wait until we get to eat delicious produce straight from the garden! have fun! :) happy spring!!
    beth c

  3. we love our garden. we are eating our very first veggies for lunch today. red skin potatoes. so proud. i know kids would have the same feelings and get them to eat their veggies too.