Tuesday, April 9, 2013

going back to school

with baby time on the horizon we need to pick a good time to go back to school. the question is should we put off babies until we are done with school which would be 4 years and would make me 29 for our first kid if we are lucky or do we have kids and then do online school and work and raise a family.  with having a kid we would get more back on our taxes and get more grant money but it would cost more to provide for a child and pay for school. but if we go to school first we would have to work more to pay for school because we wouldn't have the extra tax money or grants but it would be easier to go without a lot of things only having to take care of two low maintenance adults. kids take so much money to care for but not having one would make school so much more expensive. and i don't think i want to have our first kid at 29.


  1. When going back to school you also have to think about the people with college educations who still work in restaurants . We work with many who cant find job placements. Just have to make sure its right for you

  2. I've found that if you're careful little ones don't cost a lot of money. They don't start to get expensive until they're teens. Online classes a little at a time would get your education finished before you need that extra income to support the needs of a teen.

  3. i think we are leaning toward online classess after we have a kid. it should give us a reason to stay with the classes having to be responsible for a child