Wednesday, April 24, 2013


i was on facebook the other night and read that one of our friends one year old little boy is being bullied by two kids on the playground. now bullying at that age isnt that extreme but no the less she was faced with a choice. should she go help her kid out or let him learn how to handle it himself. momma bear wants to help but it could hurt him in the long run.she cant just go in that stand up for him because he needs to learn what to do. in the end she is going to tell the day care to look out for it but if  the day care doesnt handle it  the kids would keep pushing her kid down.  now bullying with little kids isnt the problem its the older kids you have to worry about but if no one corrects it at this age imagine what it would be like in middle school.

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  1. It would be hard to watch your baby get bullied. I for one prolly couldn't watch I would have to say something. I would make it be known that they need to watch those kids better and if anything tell thwir parents that their being brats! A child is a reflection of their home.