Saturday, April 13, 2013

baby ready???

my good friend Cassi posted something on facebook for us that tells you what you need to be ready to handle babies. it was extremely funny. at one point it said can you handle kids messes and the instructions where as follows: take peanut better and jelly and smear it on your couch and curtains, take cookies in your car and smash them in really good in your back seat and throw Cheerios everywhere. by that point my husband had stopped being amused by this list because he likes his car but never the less it was very eye opening and make our last trip all the more important so we have adventure out of our systems for at least a little while. when we come back we are starting a baby fund and getting use to the idea that it wont just be us and our silly head ( buckeye the dog). its going to change everything but we can handle it I'm sure.  and for the messes and food everywhere bring it, i hate our couch anyway.

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  1. Haha loved this post ! Just have to remember that its only a mess which can be cleaned , and to not let the small stuff get to you . I believe you guys will be great parents! Have fun on your trip ! Take lots of pictures !