Thursday, October 3, 2013


you know those days when you watch the news, watch a movie or witness something in everyday life and think about how lucky you are. well today was one of those days.  most days people don't look around at their life and realize how fortunate they are. whenever I remember to I like to take a second and say a little thank you for everything in my life, from my husband, dog and family to our house, cars and jobs. we aren't really religious. its nothing against it, we mostly don't believe in churches. we have never had any luck with finding one that didn't preach to a bunch of hypocrites. regardless we both believe in a higher power and karma, so every time you think about you are say a little thank you to anyone up there and hope that you can keep all the love in your life. now since I don't normally say things like this and I feel a little weird writing this I will add a penny for your thoughts to make you laugh.
god must love stupid people; he made so many. (story of my work place most days)

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