Friday, January 10, 2014

Freezer meals for beginners

I love freezer meals, now, but let me tell you when they say one day of cooking for a whole month of food they lied. It took me five days for my first attempt. Mostly because I had to work and my dish washer couldn't keep up with all the dishes I was using.  Come on 2 hours to wash a load. And all my measuring cups just happen to have gone into one load. But other then the dishwasher you have to wait for your chicken to cool to shred and hope you extremely large dog doesn't steal half of it while you are getting something from the freezer in the garage.all kinds of obstacles come up. I'm not that skilled in the kitchen to begin with so locking me in the kitchen for five days almost killed me. So lets start simple, the way I began. I heard about freezer meals and thought it would be really awesome to just pull something out two days before I wanted it and just pop it in the oven or microwave.  My first victim, I mean attempt was mac and cheese. My husband loves meat in everything and I love cheese everywhere so it was going to be grand mac and cheese so I wanted to enjoy it mote than one time. Sweet freezer meal. So I made the mac and cheese added ham and bacon to keep leif happy and added five different cheeses to keep me happy. Instead of making it in one big dish I spilt it up into three medium size glass freezer dishes. I popped oven in the oven to get cheesy and threw two in the freezer. Not so bad for three meals (well four, the first pan was really big) and you can just make dinner a couple times a week, freeze part of it and pull out something for the long days you know you will have no time to give your family the meal that they need. Not as nice as one day to cook and a month to eat but it does seems way more practical for people to do. Come on does anyone really have one day where they have nothing to do.

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