Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy new year

We rang in the new year right. At home just the two of us and our little silly head. Hope everyone was safe and started the new year off great. Any resolutions out there. We are getting in shape. And five minutes before midnight I was eating a sandwich so I set it down for the midnight kiss and shot that we did. I kissed my husband then i kissed buckeye then I kissed Leif again and went back for my sandwich and it was gone. I guess buckeye wants to keep us on track this year and eating a sandwich at midnight is not going to get me in shape. I wasn't even mad that he stole food, he knew I didn't need it anyways. Lets hope we can stay on track for at least two months. My sister's wedding is coming in march and we want that to be our goal day. 30 lbs lighter here we come.

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