Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cooking cooking and more cooking

You know those websites and blogs that tell you one day of cooking for a months worth of meals, well for me that one day is turning into three. I'm on day two and all I did was cook chicken and made breakfast burritos because I'm burnt out from cooking yesterday.  We (I say we very loosely) cooked from 2 to 11 and only got half the stuff done on my list. So far we have:2 whole meatloafs, 24 mini omelettes, 35 burritos, 4 tortellini soups, 3 white chilis, 3 chipotle chicken and rice soup, 3 chicken tortilla bakes, 2 goolishes, 2 clear soups and 18 breakfast burritos. My kitchen is still a mess even though Ive done 3 loads in the dish washer and taken the trash out for times. I just keep telling myself that it will all be worth it when I grab something out of the freezer at night and the next day just pop it in the oven. I realise now that I hate to cook and that is probably why we are fat. But this is good training for when we have kids. Maybe by then I will have it down to one day.
mini omelettes- we added turkey sausage and went lighter on the spinach
tortellini soup

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