Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Germs are everywhere and I know you can’t change that but how I’m I suppose to handle it.  I don’t have a problem with blood and I don’t have a weak stomach for gore.  But what I don’t like is spit and vomit.  I have only had to clean up vomit one time and it was not good. You know how everyone thinks they are a sympathy vomiter (you know when you see and smell someone throw up you do the same) well I found out I was one.  It all started after a night of drinking with a good friend of ours, I was driving so I let Leif drink whatever he wanted. When we made it home he realized that he had too much and went to bed. So we are sleeping and I’m minding my own business when I smell the smell.  The trash car inches away and he is just chucking on the bed.  So me, being the good wife I get up to clean it and Leif being the loving husband wrapped the bottom sheet up so I could carry it out.  When I got to the bathroom I was doing fine holding it together only being bothered a little by the smell but still I was by the toilet getting ready to clean the sheet. Then I discover that the vomit had rolled to the fitted corner of the sheet and when I flopped it out I lost it. So now that I know I have a weakness for throw up and sensitivity to snot coming up people’s throats how am I supposed to be a mom.  Does the strong stomach come after so long or does it just happen.  If my stomach doesn’t get stronger the kids going to throw up, then I’m going to throw up and then Leif is not going to be happy about cleaning up all the vomit all the time

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  1. After 4 yrs I thought my stomach would get stronger , but nope its still the same. I used to have to put my shirt over my nose when I changed my baby just so I wouldn't start gagging lol. You will still be a good momma strong stomach or not cause I cant stand bodily fludids like spit or snot either but I manage .