Wednesday, March 13, 2013

no fast food for little ones

Since I'm on the topic of weight , I'm going to talk about fast food . Now how soon do you introduce your kids to fast food. I know some parents who start their kids early and the kids freaks out every time there in a drive thru. Is there a way to keep your kids from screaming for a french fry every time you go through drive thru


  1. I think with age you have to be careful. Maybe 5 or 6 , but let them know its a "special treat " not an always thing. Dont let them pick where, then you will get fits for burger king instead of mcdonalds. Also pick food for them like apples vs fries, milk vs soda that will also avoid fits. The more options you give a toddler the more fits they have

  2. soda is a mega problem for me so milk sounds good. i love soda and milk but i would have rather had milk now that i look back on it. all those calories are why im on a diet now

  3. All I can say is I wish I never introduced her to fast food. LOL. I would say from a health prospective avoid fast food completely if you can. It just happens to be a bonus that your kid does not get introduced to it. Now you can not stop what grandparents will do, but you can ask politely.
    I was lazy and should have avoided it.
    I suggest carrying snacks. Makeing sack lunches. This way you can avoid having to 'grab' something when you are out. I feel it is best for most families to cook and eat at home if possible. it makes for healther eating. it saves money, and it makes for better family time/ routine.
    Hind site is 50/50.. wish i would have realized the benifits of eating at home and takeing the extra time to pack food 5 years ago. The result, a fight everytime we are inthe car and drive by fast food.

  4. A good topic that you had before was Vacations and Trips.. I think this falls right in with Fast Food.

    When you are away from home, whether it be shopping for the day or a vacation for a week, it is easier to grab somthing at the closest Burgar king or Mcdonalds.
    It ends up being cheaper and healthier to go to the nearest grocery store. (you can pack food before you leave home, but I have found it a pain) When you leave home have snacks and a lunch/meal/meals needed for the trip. When you arive to your hotel take the time to go to the nearest grocery store.
    if there is a mini fridge you can buy lunch meat cheese and stuff for sandwiches. Fruit and veggies for snacks. or what ever you desire. You will have to make some extra time in the mornings getting ready to make the food to take for the day. or take the time to goback to the hotel for lunch, but it is worth it.
    Now you can definitaly choose one or two specaila meals out..
    alot of places have little grills / picnic areas.. you can buy some burgars or chicken. and foil and grill your dinner if needed.