Tuesday, March 12, 2013

stopping childhood obesity

A big topic about children now is obesity. And its becoming even more important to keep kids active at home because of all the cuts at school involving gym and recess. In order to start them off at an early age staying active you have to be creative.  How do you keep new activities to keep them busy?  We know its important for the parents to get down and play to keep the children interested.  Some parents just let their kids sit in front of a tv all day and I think some tv is fine but we want to keep the electronics away as long as we can.  Imagination is very important and I think to much tv and electronic at an early age well keep them from meeting there full potential. We need tips and ideas on starting kids off the right way.


  1. Keeo them off the junk and let thwm outside ! Kids love to be outside and if they dont its cause of the parents.

  2. ooohhh. I HATE childhood obesity. To me there is no reason for it. Parents need to take responsibility and actually cook instead of buy dinner and they need to give their kids an option (or rather make them play and be active). When we were kids the second we got home from school we changed into play clothes and mom had to MAKE us come inside. Now kids dont even want to go out. Now I know there are illness and other things that make it tough for some children but if you take them to the doctor and follow the recommended diet/medications/excersise, it can be maintaned . I am a nurse so i see this first hand. No matter how busy you are there is always time to make a healthy dinner, even if its a "made ahead crock pot meal" that you just throw in. Limit their time with electronics, and play with them outside. Keep playing fun. Make up games, teach them games you played as a child. The minute you dont have time to play with them, it will become boring to them and they will loose any will to want to play outside. Sorry for the ramble, I just feel very strongly about this :) LOLLOL Karen

    1. i love that peopel are passionate about child obesity. some people just dont do enough. the schools just keep cutting things so home play time is all the more important

  3. AMEN to Karen. haha. Please make time to play with and feed my niece or nephew :) but i know you will. Yall will be great and fun parents !