Sunday, March 3, 2013

our family

Our little family.

before we even think about trying to have a baby we need a plan. we need to find ways to save money now and when a baby comes. we need to figure out what to spend money on for a baby and what to get used. with all that comes alone with planning to have children it amazes me on how people do it.  In a couple of months all this talk will be put into action because we plan on trying to get pregnant around august. Tips on keeping the love and budget alive will be greatly appreciated.


  1. Hi Lizzy ! My name is April I am 24 and my husband and I were not married at the time of our son Lucas who is 5 now. We were NOT planning on having kids until years later. When we found out, we were TERRIFIED !! SO many things went through our head, mainly money (the most important thing). We stressed and calculated and thought we would never be able to afford this huge change in our life. After having Lucas everything fell into place. Nothing seemed to matter except that we were all healthy and happy. Truth is, nobody will ever be ready, its just a leap you have to take. Good luck ! I'm sure you both will be great parents!


    1. I agree April. It all does seem to fall into place. My Husband and I were married when we got pregnate with our daugther. I was TERRIFIED, it was not something we were planning or trying for and we had just bought a home. Somehow the important things always get paid and we always had what we needed. Trust in God and he will provide.

  2. We have been married for 2 years and we are trying for our first !!! scared but very excited :) Just do it !! It will all fall into place .

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    1. thank you he is our baby for now. spoiled little (big) thing

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