Saturday, March 30, 2013

happy ladies everywhere

Shout out to any woman that has every given birth, been pregnant, or is currently pregnant and is in a good mood. The miracle of life is sometimes taken advantage of by ladies that just want everyone to know how hard it is and how sick they feel and how swollen their ankles are.  I understand I have not had a kid yet nor have I been pregnant but shouldn’t you at least seem happy about being prego.  I have worked with all kinds of pregnant ladies and all of them are amazing for waiting tables with that bigglo belly.  Each girl I’ve worked with seemed so happy about the baby coming. Letting people feel the kicks. Talking about the baby’s room and getting ready to welcome a new life into the world.  Sure they let out the occasional “oh my back hurts” or my favorite “pancakes make me want to vomit” but all of them were or are generally happy about the joys that come along with the pains and the emotions.  Now there are some people that just wont see the good in pregnancy. Sure the attention is nice but “oh congrats you’re pregnant” only last so long.  The constant reminder that your life sucks because you are pregnant is over the top.  You are supposed to be happy sometimes and just telling everyone around you that you are unhappy and sick and fat and unhappy and sick and fat takes away from the joy of childbirth and the happy miracle growing inside you.  I’m just glad that I know so many happy ladies that have kids or are pregnant and made it through realizing that being pregnant it something special and not all women are capable of having kids and what a blessing it is.  

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