Thursday, March 21, 2013


I know everyone loves talking pictures of their kids and posting them on facebook for all to see and I know that when we have kids we are going to do the same thing.  But when getting pictures done should you do it yourself, go to a store and get them done or have a personal photographer do the shots. I know one of our friends has the cutes little girl in the world and she loves pictures. it seems to be cheaper for her to get someone to shot the pictures for a small fee and then pay for a cd and pick from those pictures.  then some people swear by big store deals being cheapest, then you only get like four pictures of your kids sitting down and if you want anything extra you have to pay out the wauyzoo.  I have a digital camera but I know I can’t take a good picture to save my life. Which do you get the most bang for your buck and with taking pictures yourself is it worth the money you save with wasting twenty hours trying to get one or two good shots.


  1. It all depends on whos doing the pictures , because some home photographers like what they do and try to make a reasonable price as some will not. They take too much pride in them selves and want you to pay out the butt for the same thing. Ive done the olan mills picture me studios and the home photographer thing and have found that I personally like the home photographers a lil better cause you can pick the location of your pictures as long as they are not charging way too much. The whole point in then was to save you money and give you a better experience from a sit down 2 pose studio.

  2. I think its the sit down pose that I don't like