Sunday, March 24, 2013

Teaching kids about money

My husband and I are savers. We save money all the time. There is a restaurant that we have never been to without a coupon. When we have kids we want them to be super savers too. At what age do you teach them about money. We want to give our kids options with money, like you can get a five dollor toy now or wait until next week and you would then have ten dollars to spend.  Getting them to learn about money early will help us teach them that you have to earn what you want and that you just don't get something because you scream and cry for it. If your kid knows ahead of time how much they have to spead and can choose wisely then I think that's starting them off pretty good when thinking about money.  But what age can you teach them this.


  1. Def not 4 haha , hannah just tells me to swipe my card when I tell her I dont have any money .

  2. I have been trying since age 3. It does not work yet. It is hard becuse there are people who really do get her whatever she wants just to see her not cry.