Friday, March 29, 2013


Easter and religion.  When you think Easter you think cute outfits for your little ones and great pictures of Easter egg hunts. When do you tie the Easter with religion? We don’t go to church now because we haven’t found one that fits us but with kids it’s important that they start off going to church so they learn the basics morals, behavior, and manners. At what age do you get them to start to understand the holidays? Our kids will go to church until they are old enough to make the choice about whether they want to go to church or if they want to explore other religions or lifestyles. I know I wanted to stop going to church at about thirteen because our family church did not fit my views. My parents didn’t see my way then and I don’t want my kids to feel that way, like church is a punishment. It’s not one, you just have to have one that fits you. But with small children Sunday school starts to teach them right and wrong and morals that they need. Sunday school seems to be the right spot to tie Easter with religion but will they understand it just from that. I know Easter and Christmas were all about the candy and gifts but I still know somewhere in my mind that it was for something but should our kids realize it and register it so they will understand more about the holiday rather than gifts and candy.

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