Monday, March 25, 2013

sick kids

Sick kids, how is it prevented? I know a couple who call out of work three times a week because “their child is sick” half the time they just want to go to the beach or something dumb but all the time I see that they are in the er again. Its normally just a cold or the flu but how do you keep your kids immune system up.  Kids are just little balls of germs if they are in daycare your pre-k.  How do you keep your kids from being one of those kids? Vitamins seem like they would work but when I was younger I popped those like candy and I’m not sure if it made a difference. Can you wrap your children in a plastic bubble and just let them out to use the bathroom. Haha. That doesn’t seem like a good idea but it would work. With all the germs running around how do you keep your children safe?

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  1. No matter what your child is going to get sick . It happens to every baby or child.not much you can do except help them through it. Although keeping them up to date on shots and check ups helps a lot. Mine doesn't go to school but still catches illnesses from me mainly bringing them home from work.