Friday, March 8, 2013

save 1000 bucks in a year

 Me and the husband (leif) are getting a plan ready to start saving money for when the time comes.  Did you know if you save 20 bucks a week you can save 1000 dollars in one year.  20 bucks a week doesn’t seem so bad. We actually used this method to save for our last baby less vacation coming up this spring. We had a list of everything we wanted to do before we have kids and we have done everything but zip lining so lets hope we can squeeze that in on this trip. After our trip we are going to start our baby ready fund. 20 dollars a week plus whatever else we can manage to put away.  The saving and buying small things throughout the pregnancy is our plan so far. Not to mention we have lots of loving friends that have hand me downs for boys and girls and kids that range from 2 to newborns plus the two still in the oven.  I’m thinking we can do this.


  1. its so exciting isnt it! lol. buying stuff slowly is a very good thing, thats how i pay for hannahs birthdays so she can get what she dreams of and more. less stress that way too.

  2. Definatly don't be afraid of hand me downs if you can get them. I really wanted all new stuff (I think alot of people do with their first) but now see how much smarter it would have been to utilize the hand me downs. I mean I did take some, but I could have accepted more and saved money.
    I love how you see the smart way AFTER the fact. LOL.