Wednesday, March 20, 2013

beach day

My dad is in town from Illinois this week for his yearly visit. Funny how his yearly visit is always close enough to bike week for him to make a pit stop there too.  Since he lives in Illinois we wanted to take him to the beach on our only day off and would you believe it was so windy we couldn’t stay there. We eat our tasty sandwiches from Publix deli and left. But sitting on the beach watching the water for the 30 minutes we lasted out there I started thinking about how you introduce kids to the beach and the ocean. Being from Illinois my first beach trip wasn’t until I was like seven, we went to visit family in North Carolina. I loved my first beach trip but at what age can you start taking kids there.  I see little ones on the beach all the time but you have to worry if the parents are watching in case they run towards the ocean, step on a jelly fish, or feed a chip to a seagull and the whole flock rains down on you. It just seems like it would be a very stressful experience until they know the rules of the beach. Like don’t go near the water without a parent. It will be a great first and lots of pictures are in order but at what age do you try.


  1. I think as long as you keep an eye out any age is good. I started hannah when she learned to sit up. Best part is when they try to taste everything there lol. I love goin to the beach and takin my munchkin is my highlight . Although I am a freak cause shes so small she makes me nervous. Shes 4 and she isn't allowed to go past her knees without holding my hand. Hope this helped !

  2. Oh and we always bring stuff for the seagulls to eat cause she cracks up when she throws food up and they catch it in mid air . I say let them do it . Just dont get poo poo on you lol

  3. I say any time is good. I would sugest for them to at least be sitting up. I keep Whit confined to tide pools unless she is holding mom or dad's hands. Food and seaguls, i don't like it , they agrivate me. lol