Friday, March 15, 2013

music and babies

Music, Music and babies, Music and children. Hearing starts pretty early on and that’s why most people play music to their stomachs. I’ve heard the best is classical because its calming and smooth but can you switch it up in hopes that you kid will learn and hear better with different types of music in the womb. Im a journey lover myself and I think journey is calming and smooth. What about musicals, their songs range from calming to dramatic but have a lot of emotion and feeling. Would that have any effect on a kid when they grow up? Could music help them have a caring calm personality? For that matter keeping your kids away from the now sexy pop songs, god only knows what they are really singing about, could change their personality. Kids today grow up way to fast and maybe the music has something to do with it. If we start them out on better music could we postpone them from getting exposed to the evils of the world or would tv and other children just bring out the overly mature attitude that the kids today have.


  1. Who doesn't love journey? I think that they might like the music more then it would make them hear better. Cause they hear u all day long and everything else too so no matter what they will hear something. But heres a website that can help out. Pretty interesting.