Friday, March 15, 2013


Organization!! Having a baby makes you want to get organized. You want a diaper bag that is organized, a toy box that is big enough to keep everything off the floor and out from under your feet in the middle of the night (yes I’ve heard stories about blocks and gi joes being very painful) and you want your house to run smoothly. Being organized makes leaving the house at the right time not ten minutes later when you find the hat in the coach that the little one refused to leave the house without. If you worked with the little one and they knew that the hat should always be put in the same spot so they never lose it then you just gained ten minutes of calm time. I need to know what the must haves for organization are and how to teach the little ones to take part once they get old enough.  Time saving, money saving, toothpaste saving? If you have a tip I want to know.  When becoming a mom or planning to become a mom all the help and organization helps.

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