Saturday, March 16, 2013

dinner and a ipad?

As some of you know I work as a server in a restaurant and tonight I saw something that caught my eye. It was a sweet family of four, 2 kids around 3 and 5. As they were waiting for their food they had the kids watching dvds on their tablets.  In the restaurant I work at the food doesn’t take long at all, at most the family would be waiting for 20 mins and that’s if they got well done steaks.  When I was brought up dinner time was a time to talk to each other. I’m sure the parents work all week long and have the kids in day care. What happened to interacting with your family. At that age kids have all kinds of stuff to tell you but instead they sat and watched part of a movie while the parents just sat there.  I know kids need to be entertained or they get restless but is it that much easier to stick a movie in front of them rather than listen to them tell stories about their day or draw a picture and tell a story about the picture. We give you crayons and something to color on, so why would you need the dvds. It might just be me because we don’t have kids but I think that listening to your child get excited about their job as line leader for the week is something to hear at the dinner table.

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