Saturday, September 28, 2013

omg gta 5

so leif bought a new game to keep him occupied  until the PlayStation 4 comes out in November. its grand theft auto 5. and man is it not appropriate for anyone. in the first ten minutes there must have been about 300- 500 cuss words. and we are not talking the little harmless cuss words we are talking the no one would say these words out loud kind of words. not don't get me wrong I like the game. it seems to let people live vicariously through it but were all the bad words really necessary . I told leif when we have a baby the games like that get put on a top shelf and do not get played before the kid hits rem sleep. he totally agrees. I guess that's one of the perks of not having kids yet but im so ready for them. he is too he is just really scared. maybe they need a video game where you have a baby and provide for it and try to get the best score. we would have a baby in no time. he would tell me how many points you get for a dirty diaper and that he would change them all for me. sounds nice this video game.

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