Thursday, September 12, 2013


 I think our house sends out the we have booze kind of vibe. which we do have lots of booze, about 60 bottles of different kinds of alcohol. that seems like a lot and makes us sound like alcoholics but if we were alcoholics then we would have 60 empty bottles of liquor. that being said people just show up sometimes and its really strange. I don't know what it is about an open garage that makes people want to come to our house but it happens more often then you would think. normally its the losers from around the corner who don't like their garage so they wonder down to ours drunk and I have to send them on their way so they don't keep coming over. well last time that happened they got the message and realized that we didn't want them to keep coming over and being rude to us, so we thought our neighbor invasions had stopped. we were not so lucky last night. a different neighbor showed up.  and man this lady was drunk but she seemed lonely and nice so we talked a little before we sent her home. the lady stayed and talked for about 15 minutes and then went home. before she left though she told us that having kids ruins your life. now we don't take it personal that some people think that their kids suck the life out of you, everyone has their own opinions. I just wish more people would tell you how much a blessing kids are and how it changes you for the better. some people cant have kids and I would think that people who regret having children would piss them off. its weird that this lady was saying that and she just met us, we might not sound like we are ready for kids but we both know we are and we want them so random people will not change our minds about wanting babies.  lets hope the lady wakes up and doesn't remember coming over so maybe it wont happen again    

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