Wednesday, September 4, 2013


So we had a normal day off today. Went and saw two movies since its five dollars before six oclock. After the city of bones and we're the millers we did a little walk around ross. Oh how we love ross. So many good deals. We didn't find any today but we cheered up a lady that was having a bad day. How you ask. Well ill tell you. We were wondering around the shoe rows and boy are there some crazy shoes at ross. I mean hookers would love some of these shoes. So leif was picking out crazy shoes for me to try on. Mind you we are all by ourselves in the size 6 1/2 row and I found this shiny silver high high heel with what looks like metal armor on the heels and toes. All I said was "man these look like they should be in an  astronaut porn" then I tried them on. Well right after I take the shoe off a lady comes around the corner and said that she just wanted to come over and look at the astronaut porn shoes. She just kept laughing and said that it was the first time she smiled all day and then she thanked us for the laugh.  After that I told leif I need to work on my inside voice so our off the wall sence of humour doesn't shock anyone else. Maybe its because we work in a restaurant but I forget that not everyone speaks their mind and jokes freely everday. That's why I love my husband.  Its never boring and we laugh everyday.

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