Tuesday, July 16, 2013


So thinking about babies coming so soon I think I'm getting cold feet. First I was thinking lets wait until after we go on a trip to Disney.  Now I'm thinking maybe we could wait until after my sisters wedding in March.  But will I just keep pushing it back every time something fun is coming up. My mom said when she planned to have me she got pregnant right away and I think that is what has me worried.  Like our first try we could have twins or something.  Arent you supposed to work at it for awhile and that's what makes it fun. I just know that if we get pregnant right after we start trying we might not be ready. Does it make we selfish to want to get drunk at my little sisters wedding. I wasn't old enough to drink at my older sisters wedding and me and leif just kind of eloped so not really a big party there. I'm thinking its cold feet. I don't think any human looks forward to getting fat and not being able to drink for nine months but is it natural to keep wanting to push it back.

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