Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oh computers

So I made this little video on my phone for a contest for work. Its less then a minute long but every time I tried to send it in an email it said it was too big. So I facebooked ( yes i just made facebook a verb) myself so I could pull it up on my computer.  That went well so I tried to save it to my computer.  That didn't work so I tried to make the link in the email. That didn't work too well either. Then leif uploaded it from my sd card straight onto the computer. So I'm thinking easy sailing from here. I go to attach it in yahoo email no luck. Its too big. Go to attach it in google email, too big. They both told me to load it through something else on their site and it would work. Wrong again. So I tried youtube. And it loaded. But then stopped at 83%. So now I'm mad because its less then a minute how is it too big for anything.  So I'm on the phone with our wonderful on call nerd (Clint). Love him but he was stumped too. Finally we decided to try it on the laptop.  After about ten minutes its loaded and sent. Dumb computer.  I spent like four hours trying to get it done on the desktop.  I still have no idea what I did wrong but I'm done with computers for the day.

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