Thursday, July 25, 2013

so yesterday we hung out with leifs sister in law and baby gaven, who is now 3 months old.  the whole time gaven was such a good baby. he even let me change his outfit and didn't fuss so I was really thinking babies soon in my head. I loved how he just slept next to us  and didn't make a sound. well today we hung out with some older kids. I think the ages are like 9 and 5 and it was not fun. it wasn't even fifteen minutes and I was already turned off by children. in that fifteen minutes the nine year old had broken 2 things of ours and thought that she knew how to fix it. well she didn't and I knew she didn't. now my screen protector is a hot mess, well more so then usual. and leifs flashlight no longer works because she wanted to play with it and lost the batteries then sat on them and then when I put them back in it didn't work. and all this time the five year old was kicking her or trying to make me move from my seat. needless to say leif doesn't have to worry about me harassing him to make a baby right now because that was enough to make me eat a whole pack of birth control.

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