Friday, July 12, 2013


this rain has got to stop. every night we leave our light on at the front door to keep our resident frogs happy. when we get home we say hi frogs every night. well with all the rain the frogs have gotten out of control.  now that we have a roommate and his girlfriend coming in and out and leif buckeye and myself coming in and out we have had like 10 frogs make it inside. we found 5 in one night, when it was raining really hard. it wouldn't be that bad if we could just open the door and make them hope outside but we cant. buckeye tries to run then the frog jumps the wrong way, then I jump, buckeye veers and the frog goes back in the house.  not to mention the way we find the frogs. buckeye hides in the corner and gets his foamy mouth and then we have to get him to spit it out before he swallows or kills it. man these frogs are ninjas. they leap all different kinds of ways just to stay in the house. silly frogs think its fun to get a mouth bath from buckeye. maybe they think its a gang initiation for frogs, only the strong ones come back.

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