Monday, July 7, 2014

How I spent the 4th

Leif was working and my mom was out of town so I had nothing to do. My sisters both went out with their husbands and family and I stayed home. It was the first Friday that I had nothing to do in a while so I had a plan.  Sure it was the 4th of July and there were lots of places to go but I woke up with a goal. I needed to clean the computer room. There were books everywhere and boxes of crap that I looked through and took things out of. It was a hot mess. So I set out to stay in and clean. I put gossip girl on the computer to listen to as I cleaned and I was done in three hours. All boxes condensed into two. All books on their proper shelf. Yes all of my books are in order by series and number in the series. All papers in the filing cabinet.  I still feel really good about finishing the room. Leif come home and was so impressed.  I told people at work and they said I was lame. Oh well. I am a lame married nerd and proud.

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