Monday, July 28, 2014

Random weirdness

So im looking things up online about pregnancy and what im looking forward to. Most of it seems a little scary but all in all what I expect.  But then I come across the oddest thing. Apparently it is a thing now to sell positive pregnancy test on craigslist.  And what are people doing with these test. Tricking their friends and family as a joke. Tricking a man into sticking around. And tricking a cheater into giving them money or they will tell their wives about their affair and "love child". That all just sounds crazy. People are causing more trouble for themselves when the truth comes out.  Most ads say no judgment, no questions asked.  Like they are saying dont tell me anything so I dont get arrested for blackmailing someone with you. Thats all we need lots of pregnant women in jail. I could just see it now.

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