Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The stain bomb

So my lovely husband is the prefect practice child for me. He drops food every time he eats. Its a little drop of mustard that takes me three days to get out or a crayon that he left in his pocket and is now on all of our work clothes. Today was a new kind of stain mess. Im calling it the stain bomb. It was a nacho with cheese, red sauce, pickled jalapenos,  chicken and more wonderful colored items of various flavors. Leif dropped it and with lightning speed he moved his legs out of the way and avoided staining his light pink shorts. He was mid celebration when he realized it had got his shirt on the way down. And this happens quite often so I knew what to do. I threw my keys at him and he was off to get a shout wipe from the car. He was clean in under two minutes and we both feel good about saving his outfit for the day. Come on babies im ready for ya.

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