Monday, June 16, 2014

Holiday problems

Is it just me or did all the holidays change. It used to be that you would cook together and spend time with all your family and friends.  Now a days everyone one is to lazy to cook and they dont like their friends and family enough to have them over. Where does that leave them. At a restaurant in horrible moods with large amounts of people they dont like. Man that sounds fun. Not. You would not believe how lost families are now a days. Parents that dont cook. Friends that order a pizza for a family welcoming a baby home. What happened to bringing a casserole over. My sister got five pizzas when she had my nephew.  I love making special meals or sides for family nights. Where is it going now. I want my family to know large dinners at our parents and have a favorite dish to bring that everyone asks us to bring. Its what makes family special.  We need to start bringing traditions back so our kids know what it means to be family.


  1. Wow. No one brought me pizza. That would be so weird. No one made me food either though. I got lots of flowers and that's about it. Traditions are a great idea. I'm trying to create them with my kids.

    1. Flowers are nice but who needs them. I like the idea of helping in some way. Like I went to my sister's house to watch her baby for an hour so she could shower and get some things done. Its something small but any new mom would love it.