Monday, June 9, 2014

Haha prep stage

Leif keeps making fun of me because I keep saying random things at work and when people ask me about it I say prep stage. Why are you eating all that fruit. Prep stage. Why do you have all this energy.  Prep stage. Well and vitamins.  But every time I say that they look at me weird.  So I explain.  Prep stage for babies. We are eating better because we want a healthy baby. We are taking vitamins because we want a healthy baby.  We are not drinking alcohol because we want a healthy baby.  Then they ask why go through all of that when most people just have a baby and call it a day. Because leif wants to make sure we give our baby every advantage we can even before we have one. Sounds good to me too. Leif also wants a smart athletic kid so he said they are probably going to be ugly because we can get everything we want.  Haha that's my husband. 

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